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German Video Games
Award 2015

2. Place

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Fast paced & messy tactics!

Lead a hand full of raiders to victory or defend your rightful homestead with the underlings and the dungeons mighty keeper.

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Raiding or defending the dungeon - Glory of the Hero vs Survival of the Tribe. What are you willing to die for?

Bossfight - In case you ever wanted to play AS the dragon. Or fight a smart (player-controlled) one, for that matter.

1on1 - At home or at sea: Hotseat and online matchmaking will always assure a challenge.





What you get

Messy Tactics

  • No time - You are on a timer, so no everlasting turns to overthink your strategy. This’ll be the fastest turn-based-game ever!*.
  • No grid – There's no best move. Throw your units in the general direction and hope for the best.
  • No random – If you lose, it’s your fault. No more blaming RNGesus.
  • Elements - Fire and water make fog. Cold and water make ice planes. Lightning and water make lightning for everyone!
  • Physicality - High cliffs are long falls, and a hammer will hurt as much as the wall it crushes you on.

*results may vary. Dynamic Deadlines will not be held responsible for terrible or missed turns.

Grand Strategy

  • Dungeon – Starving on the long route or facing the boss unprepared. Channel your opponent into his doom.
  • Skills – All units can be upgraded and developed. Choosing the right tool will win the battle. Choosing the wrong tool will win the battle for your opponent.
  • Items – A sharp knife, an ancient scroll or something simple as a strong rope can give you an unexpected advantage. Underlings receive great items for free! The raiders... will have to fight for them.