After several years of development we have now decided to stop the production of UnderRaid.
The scope of the game was just too big and as a young team we reached our limits again and again. And even though we tried everything to turn it around, it was not enough this time.
The fact that we can not release anything does not do justice to the many efforts of the team and it leaves us devastated.
At least we failed while daring greatly. And we also grew stronger. No one is born a master. So let´s hope that the experience will help us to make better games in the future.

Who knows, maybe some of us will pick up development in the distant future, when we are a little bit wiser.

But the most important thing we want to say is: Thank you!! for all the support and energy that brought us so far.
Above all, thanks to all the helping hands from h_da. It was a lot of fun working with all of you and we hope you could learn one or two things for your own journeys!
And thanks to the whole team for all the hard work and passion that went into the project.

Next time we will be better. : )

Dynamic Deadlines over and out