I still miss you, I do. But I guess in the end I‘m glad we only found each other…

I still miss you, I do. But I guess in the end I‘m glad we only found each other to fall apart.
If we‘d never tried, I would have never known. I would have spent my nights lying awake, wondering what could’ve been if I‘d only been brave enough to take a step towards you.
And I did, I did it with my arms opened wide and my eyes pressed shut so tight, I swear I could see the stars.
It was scary and new and dizzying, but you kept me tethered to the ground. It was beautiful while it lasted, and I never got the impression that you weren’t treating me right, that maybe I was just too different and we weren’t right for each other.
That while I was looking for something to give me peace, you were on the hunt for your next adventure. That while we fit so perfectly, my hand in yours, cheek pressed against cheek, what we wanted from life did not.
It’s kind of sad, but it took you walking out of my life for me to finally realise my worth.
For the first time I did not think I wasn’t enough or too much. I wasn’t afraid that I said the wrong thing or acted in a way that upset you.
We ended quietly, not with a crash and not with a burn. I understood that we didn’t work in the ways that mattered. And somehow, it’s right that we didn’t.
Because for weeks that felt like a handful of moments, we fit together like two pieces of a whole.

by: theprocast
#poetry #photography #phosphenous

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