My mind holds me captive and the thoughts of you just revolve around in my head….

My mind holds me captive and the thoughts of you just revolve around in my head. Not a moment of peace or reprieve to be had all day.
You are there when I wake up, when I brush my teeth, when I eat my cornflakes.
You are there when I get dressed and when I go to work.
You are there as I have my coffee and I eat lunch.
You are there to prove me wrong when I finally think I am too tired to think of you.
Truth be you are everywhere and I am just so tired of trying to think of something else.
I have tried every little thing and nothing works.
I have tried meditation but my mind doesn´t seem to quiet enough to shut you out.
I have tried working to exhaustion and even then when I think all my strength is gone it seems I always have enough left to think of you.
I have tried erasing every reminder I have and now all I see are ghost images where your pictures and letters used to be pinned to the wall.
Erasing your phone number from my phone didn’t work cause I see the numbers floating in front of my eyes.
Every song I somehow relate to you, even the ones I never heard with you cause I keep thinking if you would love or hate the one I am listening to.
I look at the stars and see you eyes and even when I close mine you are there in my dreams.
I am at the end of my rope and fear I will soon go mad. Tell me, please, how to forget you.

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by: eve
#poetry #photography #phosphenous


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