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German Video Games
Award 2015

2. Place



We are now on Steam Greenlight!

Hey everyone!We’re now on Steam Greenlight! We’d appreciate if you took a moment of your time to vote for us:Vote on Steam!Also, a few things have happened here on our website. We’ve added a new splash page explaining UnderRaid.With that, […]


DeVlog 3 – Leveldesign with Annyway

Hi all! Today we have a short, chaotic and fun interview with our Leveldesigner Annyway. If you have comments or suggestions for the future, simply comment below. Have fun 🙂


DeVlog 2 – Our current prototype

Hi all, we’re proud to show you the development of the last months. We’ve had to do some technical restructuring as well as production changes, and now we’re back. We’ll do more of these videos in the near future, as […]

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