Teladan Soal Uas Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Ganjil

Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Ganjil – penting enggak sih berlatih melakukan soal mirip ini? Ya jikalau tidak penting tentu saja tidak akan dilakukan dong. Berlatih seperti ini bisa menerima dua faedah sekaligus. Apalagi untuk antisipasi cobaan.

Pertama, kita mampu memakai acuan seperti ini untuk mengukur kemampuan. Bisa coba dikerjakan terlebih dahlu. Lihat kesudahannya dan cocokkan dengan kunci tanggapan yang tersedia. Berapa yang benar dan berapa yang salah.

Dari situ kita mampu mengetahui bagian mana yang belum diketahui. Kita mampu mengukur sejauh mana kita memahami materi pelajaran yang telah diajarkan di kelas.

Yang kedua, kita dapat memanfaatkan soal mirip ini untuk menambah pengertian. Kita padukan dengan jawaban serta materi yang sudah dipelajari. Coba kita pahami dengan baik. Kalau sudah paham, bagaimana pun bentuk soalnya tentu mampu mengerjakannya dengan mudah.

Makanya kita mengajak adik-adik rekan pelajar semua untuk berlatih bersama. Untuk latihan kali ini kita menyiapkan diri dengan soal opsi ganda. Silahkan dilakukan latihan soal berikut dan temukan pembahasannya. 

Latihan Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris
1. Harry and Yani promised to meet at the music concert last night but Harry didn’t appear. So the following day she phoned him.
Harry : …………
Yani : No excuse. You broke the promise.
Harry : Listen! Last night a friend of mine got an accident, so I took her to the hospital.
a. I am sorry that I couldn’t meet you in the music concert
b. I begged your pardon for meeting you last night
c. I apologize your fault to me
d. I am really sorry about what I said to you last night
e. Sorry to make you angry at what I’ve said to you
2. Sita : But you are my friend. I will not eat unless you eat with me.
Dewi : Very well, I will eat the fish with you, but you must first make me a promise
The underlined sentence express …………..
a. asking a promise 
b. offering a promise
c. breaking a promise 
d. rejecting a promise
e. denying a promise
3. Fatih : Do you give me your word on that?
Nisa : You have my word on that.
The underline sentence express ………..
a. asking a promise 
b. offering a promise
c. breaking a promise 
d. rejecting a promise
e. denying a promise
4. Son : Dad, have you seen my report card?
Father : Sure. You are great, my son. I’m….
Son : Thank you, dad.
a. very proud of you 
b. fed up with you
c. happy to hear that 
d. ashamed of you
e. very disappointed
5. Kanda : Dinda, thanks for giving me such interesting information.
Dinda : …….
a. It’s my pleasure 
b. Forget it
c. I don’t care 
d. I like it
e. I am happy
6. Peppi : Did you enjoy your weekend in Egypt
Tukul : Exciting!
The underlined word express …………..
a. bored 
b. disappointed
c. happiness 
d. sadness
e. ability
7. Umar : You look so gloomy, Hadi? What’s the matter?
Hadi : My farmland was destroyed by floods.
Umar : I know how you must feel.
The underlined sentence is used to express….
a. hope 
b. choice
c. apology 
d. sympathy
e. invitation
8. Nando : “Fred, do you know that Tony is in hospital?”
Fred : “No, I don’t. What happened?
Nando : “He had an accident when he walked to school”
Fred : “I’m sorry to hear that”
The underlined sentence express ………..
a. hope 
b. choice 
c. apology
d. sympathy 
e. invitation
9. Nina : Good morning. May I speak to Tia?
Tia : It’s me. Who’s speaking?
Nina : Nina. Tia, why were you absent from class?
Tia : I got a fever two days ago and I am still not well.
Nina : Oh, dear. I hope ….
Tia : Thanks.
a. you’ll stay in bed longer
b. everything won’t be okay
c. you are happy with your condition
d. you’ll get better soon
e. you won’t recover soon
10. What will you say if you hear that your friend’s father is passed away?
a. excuse me 
b. I’m sorry
c. Thank you 
d. Ok
e. Never mind
11. Customer : ………………….
Waiter : Certainly, madam. I’ll bring your drink soon.
a. Get me a nice of napkin
b. You make the cake too long
c. I’d like some coffee, please
d. Don’t get me anything bad
e. I’d like a sandwich, please
12. Ina : Please tell me how to use this rice cooker.
Ida : It’s easy. You just ……. the button. If there is a red light it means the cooker is on.
a. press 
b. hit
c. pull 
d. reject
e. turn
The dialogue for no. 29 and 30
Bolot : How do I get to the station?
Tukul : Go down this road and take the third turning on the left.
13. What Bolot says to express …………
a. turning direction 
b. asking direction
c. giving direction 
d. canceling direction
e. rejecting direction
14. What Tukul says to express ……………
a. turning direction 
b. asking direction
c. giving direction 
d. canceling direction
e. rejecting direction
Airport Announcement
Will passangers Brudin, Marlena and Sakera, traveling to Kuala Lumpur, please proceed immediately to Gate D7. This gate is closing in two minutes.
15. Why Brudin, Marlena and Sakera are asked to proceed immediately to gate D7? Because ……..
a. they don’t register yet
b. the don’t have the tickets
c. they haven’t bought the tickets
d. the plane will take offe. the flight will be cancelled
16. What will happen if they don’t proceed to Gate D7 in two minutes?
a. They will miss the plane
b. They will get punishment
c. Their flight will be cancelled
d. Their flight will get in charge
e. Their will happen nothing
17. Who announces the announcement above?
a. Airport officer 
b. Pilot
c. Airport manager 
d. Stewardess
e. Co Pilot
Figure for questions no. 38 – 40
Madurese Restaurant
Now open in Semanding
Introductory discount 20%
Bring your family and friends to taste the best Madurese meals. Friendly atmosphere.
Great value for money.
Open every day every 9 am to 10pm
18. What is the name of figure above?
a. announcement 
b. department
c. advertisement 
d. government
e. entertainment
19. How many hour does it open a day?
a. 9 hours 
b. 10 hours 
c. 11 hours
d. 12 hours 
e. 13 hours
20. Friendly atmosphere. The underlined words mean……..
a. atmosphere and its neighbors.
b. some outer space friends
c. affiliation with UFO
d. welcome to the space
e. pleasant environment
21. The Committee of English Gathering requests the gaji of the presence of Mr. Muntahar at English Gathering Program in Jl. Semanding 34 Malang on Friday, 13 April 2007 at 5 pm.
R.S.V.P.: 081 888 12345
The statements above are about ………
a. pleasure 
b. certainty 
c. surprised
d. invitation 
e. advertisement
22. “The Committee of English Gathering requests the gaji of the presence of Mr. Muntahar”. The synonym of the underlined word is ………..
a. attendance 
b. nonattendance
c. absence 
d. deficiency
e. nonexistence
The Smartest Animal
Once there was a man went a farmer from Laos. Every morning and every evening, he ploughed his field with his buffalo.
One day, a tiger saw the farmer and his buffalo working. The tiger was surprised to see animal listening to a small animal. He wanted to know more about the buffalo and the man.
After the man went home, the tiger spoke to the buffalo. “You are so big and strong. Why do you do everything the man tells you?” The buffalo answered, “Oh the man is very intelligent”
The tiger asked “Can you tell me how intelligent he is?” “No, I can’t tell you”, said the buffalo,” but you ask him”. So the next day the tiger said to the man, “Can I see you your intelligence?” But the man answered, “It’s at home”. “Can you go and get it?” asked the tiger. “Yes”, said the man, “But I’m afraid you will kill my buffalo when I’m gone. Can I tie you to a tree?” after the man tied the tiger to the tree, he didn’t go home to get his intelligence. He took his plough and hit the tiger. Then he said, “Now you know about my intelligence even if you haven’t see it”
23. What is the type is about?
a. report 
b. review 
c. expository
d. recount 
e. discussion
24. How do we call the first paragraph?
a. general statement 
b. orientation
c. identification 
d. issue
e. thesis
25. What is the purpose of the text?
a. to persuade the reader that something should or should not be the case
b. to persuade the reader that something is the case
c. to critique an art work for a public audience
d. to retell an event for the purpose of entertaining
e. to describe how is something is accomplished through a sequence action
26. He wanted to know more about the buffalo and the man (p.2)
It means that the tiger was ………..
a. greedy 
b. furious 
c. jealous
d. curious 
e. anxious
27. What is the language competence used in the text?
a. simple present tense 
b. simple past tense
c. simple future tense 
d. present perfect tense
e. past perfect tense
How paper is Made
Paper is made from wood through the following process. First, the logs which are sawn from the trunks of the trees are put in the shredder. Second, they are cut into small chips. Third, they are mixed with water and acid. Next, they are heated with crushed to heavy pulp. Then, it is also chemically bleached to whiten it. After this, it is passed through rollers to flatten it. Then, sheets of wet paper are produced. Finally, the water is removed from the sheets. These sheets are pressed, dried and refined until the finished paper is produced.
28. What is the main information of the text?
a. how to get the paper
b. making wood from paper
c. the production of paper
d. the process in making paper
e. the procedures of making paper
29. How many procedures do we need to produce paper?
a. five 
b. six 
c. seven 
d. eight 
e. nine
30. “After this, it is passed through rollers to flatten it.”
The word “this” refers to …………..
a. the wood 
b. the paper
c. the procedure 
d. the heavy pulp
e. the previous process
I think my first memories started when I was about three or perhaps four years old. I remember falling from a tree and breaking my arms. I think I was playing in the garden of the big. Old house we lived in. It was in a suburb of London. I can also remember starting school when I was five. There was a little boy called Thomas in the same class. He used to pull my hair when the teacher was not looking. One day I hit him on the head with a book and he began to cry. The teacher was very angry with me. I remember him saying, “Little girls don’t do things like that”. But, Thomas never pulled my hair again.
31. What kind of text is it?
a. report 
b. recount 
c. narrative
d. exposition 
e. discussion
32. What is the purpose of the text?
a. to persuade the reader something is the case
b. so show the reader how something is made
c. to describe a particular place in detail
d. to tell the reader a joke in rincian and shortly
e. to amuse or entertain with actual experience.
33. “I think my first memories started when I was about three of perhaps four years old”.(the first sentence)
What do we call this sentence?
a. issue 
b. thesis 
c. orientation
d. complication 
e. resolution
34. The paragraph above is about the writer’s …….
a. life 
b. teacher 
c. big & old house
d. first memories 
e. friend, Thomas.
35. The writer started studying in school when she was ……… years old.
a. three 
b. four 
c. five
d. six 
e. seven
Answer the following questions based on your own understanding
36. Fatima : Sinta, I’m leaving now, bye.
Sinta : Ok, see you later.
The italicized words express ……………
37. Robby : Will you go to the movie with me tonight?
Ratih : I’d love to but I don’t think I can. There’s so much homework to do.
From the dialogue we know that Ratih is…………
38. Make a short dialogue using a sympathy expression!
Text for questions number 49 – 50
How to make a cheese omelet
Ingredients: 1 egg, ¼ cup milk, 3 tablespoons of cooking oil, a pinch of salt and pepper.
Utensils: frying pan, fork, spatula, cheese grater, bowl, plate.
1. crack an egg into bowl
2. whisk the egg with a fork until it is smooth
3. add the milk and whisk well
4. grate the cheese into the bowl and stir
5. heat the oil in a frying pan
6. pour the mixture into the frying pan
7. turn the omelet with a spatula when it browns
8. cook both sides
9. place on a plate; season with salt and pepper
10. eat while warm
39. What is the purpose of the text?
40. How many dry ingredients used in making a cheese omelet? What are they?
Empat puluh soal pribadi, bisa dilaksanakan di rumah untuk berguru menyiapkan UAS Bahasa Inggris ya. Mudah-mudahan adik – adik semua mampu menjalankan latihan tersebut dengan baik. Kalau ada yang sukar tidak usah panik. Ditandai saja.

Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Ganjil Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Ganjil

Nanti sehabis selesai bisa dipelajari lagi soal-soal yang tidak mampu dilakukan. Bisa dibuka kembali buku cetak atau catatan yang dimiliki. Bisa juga didiskusikan dengan sobat-teman lain untuk materi belajar kalangan. Itu saja dahulu, silahkan dilanjutkan.