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German Video Games
Award 2015

2. Place

We have been greenlit!


We have been greenlit!

Hello everyone!
After only eighteen days on Steam Greenlight we have been greenlit already! We were really surprised, since we expected this to be much more of a tough run. Many thanks to all of our supporters who made this possible! All our friends, other Indiedevs, the great RobJNova, and everyone who has stumbled across our page and just liked what they saw. (Oh boy, I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone already, shame on me if I did.)
This is awesome!
Next off, we will implement Steamworks, which we will use for networking and matchmaking. Also we are going to completely overhaul the UI, so Underraid will be a lot more readable and prettier!
It’s so nice to see our game on Steam. It just feels so much more official 🙂

Have a great one!

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