You know what love really is? It’s about being caring, waiting, trusting, unders…

You know what love really is? It’s about being caring, waiting, trusting, understanding and honesty.

When you are having a busy schedule and you don’t have enough time for you to eat or sleep, but you still take time to check if he has already taken his lunch. That’s caring.

When he’s busy working on with his projects. He might not be able to contact you for a few days, no text, chat or call, but still you don’t fight with him because of his tight schedules. That’s waiting.

When he’s online at two in the morning. But he didn’t bother to message you. You don’t start complaining and thinking of something suspicious about him. That’s trusting.

When one day, he asks you to give him time to think or be alone because he’s not in the mood to talk. You give it to him. That’s understanding.

When you go out with your friends and you didn’t tell about it on him. But you feel guilty so you tell him about it afterward. That’s honesty.

When you are in love, you won’t let human’s nature of becoming possessive and jealous take over everything. You don’t let that become a reason to start a fight.
Love isn’t black and white; it’s not just about loving someone. It’s about surpassing every day of the relationship with utmost care, waiting, trust, being understandable and honest. It’s about having a daily decision to sacrifice, adjust, risk and stay in love without having any doubts and thinking about what the future may hold.
Love isn’t just a matter of feeling. It’s a matter of decision even when circumstances change.
by: E. J. Cenita
#poetry #photography #phosphenous

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